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Quick 2019 USASA Nationals Recap

Had the best Nationals ever this year!

Ended up making the Small Final for Boardercross in the Men's Jams and placed 7th overall in the nation. Big accomplishment for me as I have never made it into the finals before and this is the first year I have placed higher coming out of Nationals than going into it. Big thanks to the Massanutten Coaches, especially Target (Dennis Carmody), for all they did in helping me get there this season.

Placed 6th in Slalom and even after a lousy fall in Giant Slalom pulled 7th. Took over 6 seconds, on average, off my GS times from the previous year and was only a couple seconds off the podium this year as opposed to in another zip code. Big thanks to the SRRC Coaches at Roundtop (Neil Sunday, Jeff Carr, and David Buckwalter) for advancing my Alpine Riding to a new level this season.

I truly believe that all the work I put in with my coaches, trainers, and team mates really made a difference. Big kudos to my mom though for driving me everywhere and always being there to help me out.

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