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Not How We Expected the Season to End

You know for the last 5 years, I’ve had closure to my season. Since I live in the Mid Atlantic Area of the country, I’m lucky when the season lasts long enough to get me to Nationals, so once I come home from Copper Mountain, it’s always time to summarize my equipment and put it away until the cold returns.

This year, I’ve been really unable to feel like the season ended thanks to this horrible virus, Covid-19, more like it just disappeared without a trace. Though the weather over here wasn’t really cooperating this last season, I was having a good one. Finished out the year in the Men’s Jam’s Division in:

+ 1st place in Giant Slalom

+ 2nd place in Slalom, and

+ 6th place in Boardercross.

I was ready for some Pre-Nationals training through the BKPro Camp and excited to get some extra training on Copper Mountain with Mick Dierdorff for Boardercross and with Bud Keene and Neil Sunday, whom I have the great honor of training with each weekend during the season, for Alpine. I was ready to bring it and compete for my spot on that podium.

Then …

Well, we all know the rest, so I will pack my gear away and wait for the cold to come again.

Photo Credit to Carrie Kizuka Photography (the best!)

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