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I know what you’re thinking when you read that title, but I can ensure you that this is something a little different. I think by now, we’ve all had our sucky moments this season from the World Cup Racers on down. From races being cancelled, postponed, never scheduled, moved locations, you name it we’ve seen it (and no that was not a challenge to fate to see if it can come up with something new). For those that USASA Nationals is the pinnacle of their season (and a great chance to see some of those racers from other areas you don’t get to see but once or twice a year), them being cancelled at the beginning of the year before the season barely started (an in some areas still hasn’t started), it was a bit of a blow. To be honest, it sucked. We all understood their reasons, but that didn’t stop it from sucking any less. So, there is really only one thing we can do – Embrace the Suck!

I have some of the greatest coaches you could ask for (Neil Sunday, Jeff Carr, and David Buckwalter). On the first day of practice (which of course had been delayed, sensing a theme here?), Neil told us to find a focus for this season, because chasing points was probably not going to be very helpful this year. So that is what I mean by embracing the suck.

This season is going to suck, nothing is the same, things are constantly in flux (which is driving my obsessively organized mother insane), and it not going to stop anytime soon. This is the time to just suck up that this year, for most of us, from a true competition standpoint is basically going to be a wash, so find something else to focus on.

  • Have you been wanting to change your Boardercross stance from a traditional duck stance to a more forward stance? Start dialing in that new stance.

  • Have you been wanting to try hard boot alpine riding, but didn’t want to lose a season changing over? Now’s your chance.

  • Is your position on your board, around the gates, etc. not where is should be? Focus on it.

  • Do you want to try a new discipline? Only done Alpine racing, maybe try Boardercross and get some experience.

  • Looking to switch out to a new board (I highly suggest Donek Snowboards for a custom built made in America quality snowboard - They are even having a sale on in stock boards right now)? Place that order and get some time on the snow breaking it in.

There are thousands of things out there you can focus on, find the one or two that you really want to do and go for it. This is the season to work on something and come back next season even better simply because you made the decision to Embrace the Suck!

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