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Donek Team Ambassador

So, for those of you that may have been living under a snowboard rock and don't know who Donek is ... they are the Premier USA Owned and Operated Racing Snowboard Builders. Each year they open up the opportunity for Snowboard Competitors to apply for the Team as an Ambassador and I, along with some other great athletes, was selected to be part of their Alpine Team (insert fist pump). So for the next year I get the opportunity to ride with some great athletes on some great snowboards. Once all the pictures and Bios for the team are posted, I'll be sure to give you an update. Until then go to www.donek.com and check out the best All American made Racing boards.

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I Race, That's Just What I Do

I am a Competitive Snowboard Athlete  (Fragile Shredder) that competes in racing events, to include Boardercross, Slalom, and Giant Slalom. I enjoy all types of snowboarding and outdoor sports. I am also a USASA Level 100 Certified Coach. Hope you enjoy my site and would consider following me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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