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Comfort Zone

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

So I saw this picture the other day all over Instagram and Facebook in places like SBX Life, FIS Snowboarding, US Ski & Snowboard Team, and others. It’s actually not that unusual to see the same thing shared or posted on these sites as they have quite a bit in common, but this picture really resonated with me and I wanted to not only share it on my social media, but to tell you all here on this blog why it spoke to me so strongly.

We all at some point get in a comfort zone, nothing wrong with that, as there are many things that can put you there: an accident, needing a break, not knowing or having the support to get out yourself. These are all things we run into and can overcome, sometimes on our own, but usually with a little support or a lot of support depending on the reason and/or the person. The thing is that we can’t live there, because that really isn’t living is it? We have to get out of it, and ultimately we have to be the ones to do it.

Two seasons ago, I was sitting in that Comfort/Fear Zone and was having a hard time figuring a route out of it. When a simple offer by an extraordinary racer helped me find that route out of those Zones and I managed to claw my way into the Learning Zone and today I think I’m finally dipping my toes in the Growth Zone. You see, I had too many excuses and too many people telling me things like, “you’re a really good racer, but it’s not like you’re ever going to be in the Olympics or anything”. I was letting them set my goals, and defining my purpose of who I could be or become and no one should do that. The people around you should be supportive and encouraging, if they aren’t then you need to rethink them. Everyone serves a purpose in your life, some simply bring joy and love, some are there to teach you, but they should all be a positive influence, just as you should be for those in your life.

I found people and coaches that helped me (and still are today) to acquire the skills I was struggling with and gave me the opportunity to climb out of my comfort zone. They helped me achieve my goals and then allowed me to set new ones once the old goals were achieved so that I didn’t get back into that comfort zone. They are helping me find a way to live my dreams and be the person I want to be.

You have to keep pushing and forging your path ahead clearing the excuses, negativity, lack of confidence, and complacency out of your path. Was it easy … no, and it’s still not easy, it’s hard work every minute of every day, but I’m not looking for easy … that’s back in the Comfort Zone, and that is way behind me now.

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