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I started snowboarding in 2010, when my parents went to a free weekend at Massanutten (Thanks Ms. Brothers).  In 2012, I started riding with the Massanutten Ski and Snowboard Team.  Thanks to excellent instructors like Scott Wooten and Chad Sims in this first couple years I made great strides with my snowboarding.  I had great peers too, like Whitney LeMay, who encouraged me to get better and faster (since she waited for no one, it was and still is, keep up or get left).  Because of her, I decided I wanted to try competing in Boardercross in 2013, but managed to break my arm on New Years Eve and lost almost the entire season before I got back on snow.  This is how I ended up with my nickname of Fragile (pronounce Frah-geel-a, as in A Christmas Story).  Whitney even brought me bubble wrap the next season when I finally got to compete in the 2014-2015 Season.  This started my love of racing.  Two seasons later, it was suggested that I try Alpine Riding to help improve my racing and I found my true snowboarding love.  I began competing part-time in Hard Boots and in an effort to advance my Alpine Riding joined the Ski Roundtop Racing Club (SRRC) in PA.  They are an Alpine Snowboard only Team and have some of the best riders in the world.  I cut 6+ seconds on average off my run times by the time I reached Nationals.  In December of 2018, I completed my USASA Level 100 Coaching Certification.  I have 3 main sponsors: Donek Snowboards (, Ruroc Helmets (, and Explosive Performance (


Below are my stats from each season:

2019-2020 Season USASA Men’s Snowboarding Jams Division:

  • Regional Races

    • Boardercross (6 Races): 2 Gold, 4 Silver

    • Slalom (10 Races): 10 Gold

    • Giant Slalom (9 Races): 9 Gold

  • 2019 USASA National Rankings (Stats Prior to Nationals, cancelled due to Covid-19): 

    • 1st nationally in Giant Slalom

    • 2nd nationally in Slalom 

    • 6th nationally in Boardercross

  • NorAm Races

    • 38th & 38th PSL - Buck Hill

    • 32nd & 34th PGS - Holiday Valley

2018-2019 Season USASA Men’s Snowboarding Jams Division:

  • Regional Races

    • Boardercross (4 Races): 4 Silver

    • Slalom (7 Races): 1 Gold, 6 Silver

    • Giant Slalom (7 Races): 1 Gold, 6 Silver

  • 2019 USASA National Rankings: 

    • 6th nationally in Slalom

    • 7th nationally in Giant Slalom 

    • 7th nationally in Boardercross (made the Small Final)

  • NorAm Parallel Giant Race 1 March 2019 at Holiday Valley, NY

    • 38th against Professionals from all across the world


2017-2018 Season USASA Junior Men Division (16 Races):

  • Regional Races: 2 Gold - 9 Silver - 3 Bronze

  • 2018 USASA National Rankings: 

    • 15th nationally in Slalom

    • 15th nationally in Giant Slalom 

    • 34th nationally in Boardercross


2016-2017 Season USASA Junior Men Division (12 Races):

  • Regional Races: 4 Gold - 3 Silver - 1 Bronze

  • 2017 USASA National Rankings: 

    • 17th nationally in Slalom

    • 24th nationally in Giant Slalom 

    • 54th nationally in Boardercross


2015-2016 Season USASA Youth Men Division (8 Races):

  • Regional Races: 4 Gold - 3 Silver - 1 Bronze

  • 2016 USASA National Rankings: 

    • 24th nationally in Boardercross 


2014-2015 Season USASA Youth Men Division (4 Races):

  • Received an invitation to USASA Nationals for Boardercross, but didn’t attend

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